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{uccx scripting tips & tricks: valid date checking} June 09, 2014

Product : UCCX version 8.x-10.x (but probably applies to 7.x and below as well) Scenario : A Caller is allowed to enter a date into the keypad of his/her phone (for example, a payment date, date of birth, etc); The Caller enters and Illegal Date like June 31st Problem : If no error checking is performed and the String (Get Digit  String ) is converted to a Date using auto conversion of a CCX  Set…

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{uccx problem solving series: XML and the outdated SAX parser} April 13, 2014

A lot of you reading the title of this post may be asking yourself..what does a "SAX" have to do with UCCX...I'm sure there are many bugs to pick with how Cisco's products operate (if that was a pun then it was definitely intended) especially when things go sideways..such as parsing XML documents. When I use the  Create XML Document normally followed up with the  Get XML Document Data what is…

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