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Œntropicos specializes in providing seamless integrations using modern technology stacks to streamline workflows and improve enterprise business processes.

Better workflows and seamless integrations

Œntropicos provides integration services...

Integrate business workflows and processes into your collaboration suite of products such as Cisco Webex Teams, SlackHQ, and/or Microsoft Teams for improved team performance and tranparency

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{uccx scripting tips & tricks: valid date checking} June 09, 2014

Product : UCCX version 8.x-10.x (but probably applies to 7.x and below as well) Scenario : A Caller is allowed to enter a date into the keypad of his/her phone (for example, a payment date, date of birth, etc); The Caller enters and Illegal Date like June 31st Problem : If no error checking is performed and the String (Get Digit  String ) is converted to a Date using auto conversion of a CCX  Set…

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{uccx problem solving series: XML and the outdated SAX parser} April 13, 2014

A lot of you reading the title of this post may be asking yourself..what does a "SAX" have to do with UCCX...I'm sure there are many bugs to pick with how Cisco's products operate (if that was a pun then it was definitely intended) especially when things go sideways..such as parsing XML documents. When I use the  Create XML Document normally followed up with the  Get XML Document Data what is…

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